We believe everyone impacted by breast cancer deserves to feel supported and connected.

Made in Kansas City
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Made in KC for KC

Are you in the Greater Kansas City area?

While some of our content is universally relevant, The Breast Cancer Club is exclusively for Kansas City. We ask that only people in the Greater Kansas City area contribute to our site so that our content reflects the local experience of breast cancer and breast cancer care, and so that the relationships that are built online can carry into the real world. Join now and meet your neighbors.

Have you ever been diagnosed with breast cancer?

Wherever you are on your cancer journey, you belong here. The physical, mental and emotional side effects of breast cancer and cancer treatment can persist—and new ones can happen—for months and years after treatment ends. You are welcome here whether it has been 30 minutes or 30 years since your diagnosis. If you’ve already been through treatment, you have a wealth of knowledge to pass down. We all hope you will. Join the club here.

Do you care about someone with breast cancer?

When someone you care about has breast cancer, cancer happens to you too. Share what you’ve learned and find others who can relate to you in one of the many supporter groups on the Communities page.  Join the club here to participate in the conversation.

Do you have an elevated risk of developing breast cancer?

You may or may not identify with the cancer community, but if you have found out that you have a hereditary risk for cancer and are managing your risk through increased screening or through interventions, you too are addressing breast cancer—before it can happen. Make an account so you can discuss your options in the Forum. To find others in your situation, join the High Risk diagnosis community or the Previvors treatment community under the Communities tab.

Are you waiting to find out if you have breast cancer?

We’ll wait with you. Waiting for results can be the hardest part, but many people wait alone because they don’t want to worry anyone else. Having someone to talk to can make the wait easier. Find someone to pass the time with in one of the Waiting Rooms under the Communities tab. Join here